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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  October 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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a milwaukee man who spent more than two decades in prison is a free man tonight. tonight.daryl holloway was 24-years-old when he was convicted of sexual assault and burglary and sentenced to 120-years in prison. new d-n-a evidence helped exonerate holloway.... just yesterday an order was filed and signed vacating his convictions. release today from a prison in green bay.he says he thought about was giving up was when his mother died..but he kept hold of her words to keep fighting to clear his name.. 00-18"this has been a long thing. i lost family members and different things. i'm trying to rebuild my life now. i came in mid-twenties. man, i'm almost 50 now. my whole life has changed."
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holloway was greeted by members of the wisconsin innocence project who helped him regain his freedom. if you are wrongfully convicted and sent to prison... you do get compensated... but wisconsin has one of the lowest payout... with a cap of 25-thousand dollars.a state lawmaker is working to change 58's kristen barbaresi joins us in the newsroom to break down those details, kristen? there is an effort to increase that cap from 25-thousand to a million,but- even if it became law, it might not benefit records show he had a prior felony conviction in 1986, which could limit his in eligible 3 i think we have a responsibility to help folks like that out. representative dale kooyenga wants people, wrongfully convicted of crimes, to be eligible for up to 50-thousand dollars for each year they spent in prison.
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a state legislator makes. the cap would be 1-million dollars. kooyenga proposed the legislation to make it happen-- and because exonerations don't happen a lot he says we aren't talking about a ton of money for the st. state. in the grand scheme of things we have a $70 billion, we're talking about a couple million dollars, a board would determine exactly how much each person gets, based on the circumstances of the convictionand it would be paid in increments over time.the bill also helps with transitional services to restart their life lifethe court says no, you're innocent and you're dropped on the street. there's no healthcare compensation and you're just left out there. and so i think we have a responsibility to help folks like that out. but if a person is convicted of a felony before or after the wrongful conviction- it would impact their ability to collect.the bill passed the under the proposed legislation if a wrongfully convicted person gets money from a civil suit or a settlement-- that money counts toward the 1- million dollar you can't collect a million in a lawsuit in additon to the
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we mentioned the role of the wisconsin innocence project in holloway's release.the group produced the d-n-a evidence that ultimately exonerated him. him.started by two law professors at the university of wisconsin -- their website says they've successfully freed 20 - wrongly convicted people ...a number that may ?not? include this case. 3 steven avery is another famous inmate exonerated with the help of the wisconsin innocence project. 18 years before d-n-a cleared him of sex assault in 2003.but just two years after his release -- avery was arrested again and convicted in the murder of theresa halbach. for more on the wisconsin innocence project, visit our website -- 3 two men pleaded guilty to federal charges connected to the shooting of a milwaukee police officer. they now face up to ten year behind bars. bars.emanuel romo now admitting to making false statements so he could get a
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having a gun because of drug charges on his record. record.that gun later ended up in the hands of tomas uriegas... the man who shot and wounded milwaukee police officer brandon baranowski during a domestic violence call before then killilng himself in july.officer baranowski is recovering and has not returned to work. 3 an illinois man sentenced to life in prison for killing his estranged wife with a hatchet. 40-year-old cristian loga- negru pleaded no contest back in may for killing his 36-year-old wife in had tried to hide from him by staying with her boss in mt. pleasant.. but loga-negru found her.he'll be eligible for parole in 30 years. 3 21 year old treneel bankston is charged with felony murder in a drug deal that ended in a shooting and stabbing over the weekend.the criminal complaint says bankston went to a home at 25th and becher to buy some point he pulled a gun, there was a struggle and carmelo silva was fatally shot.police say
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bankston. if convicted, bankston faces up to 35 years in prison. tonight, still leads into whoever stabbed a 73-year-old man to death.. after he left bible study. study.herman davis was married for more than 50 years and a father of four.his daughter says he was in the alley near 24th and capitol last night.. trying to park his car.she says there was an argument between another group of people and one of them stabbed her father.if know anything 414-935-7360. a homicide investigation in racine.. after a body was found behind a grocery store. police were called out to sunshine supermarket at taylor avenue and 16th street this morning.right now, they're not giving out a lot of details.. but did say they were questioning a person of interest.we still don't know how the person died.. or that persons name. a west bend 12 year old was taken into custody for sending text messages to friends posing as a "clown"
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was a joke but given the furor recently all over the country about creepy clown sightings, police say it caused alarm and lead to rumors that disrupted the school day.the student is facing a possible disorderly conduct charge and was released to her parents. 3 3 people along the east coast are gearing up for a major some begin to evacuate - others are preparing to tough it 58's evan kruegel just talked with a woman who recently moved from milwaukee to florida.. evacuation orders have been ed state - as the storm inches closer to the atlantic coast but as some leave the area - others are choosing to stick it out - including a woman preparing for her first hurricane. as hurricane matthew continues to wreak havoc on the carribean - people in florida are watching its path - and waiting for its arrival on the atlantic coast... "this is the house on our property, they boarded up all the windows"melanie bonk lives
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palm beach - where she spent the day stocking up on food and water.:30:33 "it's pretty crazy, a lot of stores are sold out of certain things especially water, bread, things like that." as some of her neighbors evacuate - she's decided to stay. one main reason - her horse scorpio. :28:44 "we have a concrete barn, so those are built to withstand hurricane winds, and so we feel like our barn can withstand it, and they'll be okay inside." // :31:20 "we've definitely close eye on it, especially with the horses, making sure they'er safe."she admits she isn't sure what to expect - as she prepares for her first hurricane 29:38 "i'm from the midwest, so i've been through a few tornados, and those, there's just no preparing for. so it's kind of crazy to be here where today has been like absolute madness, people trying to get cases of water, gas stations running out of gas." those mandatory evacuations are for people living on
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bonk are being given the option to decide on their own. officials are warning that this storm could produce the worst destruction they've seen - in nearly 25 years.michele? chilling surveillance images show the moment of impact when a woman was hit by a car on milwaukee's south side. side.police say the car kept going and they're still looking for it happened at the intersection of cesar chavez drive and greenfield avenue around 2 this morning.the victim is seen crossing the ee suddenly stops --when she notices the headlights of the vehicle heading her way.she remains in critical condition. 3 waukesha police are thanking the community for help in finding a suspect in a gas station robbery last month.the investigation led them to a town of waukesha home where the man was taken into custody. police say they appreciate everyone who came forward with information in the case. a new group in wauwatosa is concerned about racial divisions... and want their city to heal after the deadly officer-invovled shooting of
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wants people to understand wauwatosa is a community for everyone.anderson's family and friends spoke at the meeting... saying they think anderson was drunk the night he died... and pulled into madison park to sleep. 20:41:53-52:03 he knew, like i said he couldn't make ithome driving... or all the way home and hitting someone or killing someone, or killing hiself or wrecking the car... he pulled or over no charges have been filed against the officer who anderson.the case is now in the hands of the milwaukee county district attorney. the dallas police department is getting out of texas to recruit police officers.and tonight, they were in milwaukee. milwaukee.dallas p-d says they're losing recruits to other police deparments in texas.they say they came to milwaukee after hearing about the city's unemployment rate. one potential recruit says he wants move to dallas for more opportunities. 9:31-45 specializations into units, or areas i could potentially be a part of, and that's exciting to me. that's something new. it's a new city for me. i've never been to
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to texas, so it's a new learning experience experience if you missed today's job fair.. you can find more information about what it takes to become an officer on our website, cbs 3 the pack.. back at practice..coming off a by week to face the giants sunday night. cbs 58's sports director kevin holden reports... the players are split about the advantages of an early bye week. 3 kevin: after the break of more than football, glad to say it is back in green bay and back to stay. the packers play 13 consecutive weeks at a minimum after the early bye week. some players were in favor of taking this break early in the season. some surprisingly not in favor. favor.aaron rodgers: the bye actually came at a great time for us this year based on the health of our football team. hopefully we get those guys on defense back quickly. we have to just be playing the right way at the end of the season and stay healthy. healthy.jordy nelson: first
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when we come in after a game, to me, that's what a lot of it is. it's gotten better. to be honest with you i wish we didn't have a bye week. week.kevin: the month of october has been a good one for both teams playing here at lambeau sunday night. the packers and the giants have the two best records in october in the nfc over the last decade. later in the show, the packers tough task of stopping the giants passing offense. at lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 news. milwaukee's mitchell park domes are now on a list of the's because of questions about the county's commitment to keep them open. open.the national trust for historic preservation has put more than 270 places on this list.. the group says by putting the domes on the endangered list... it's trying to highlight the severity of the situation. 33-44"since 1988, the america's most endangered list has been one of the most effective tools to draw attention to sites by shining a national spotlight on important examples of the nations architectural and cultural heritage."
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a member of the milwaukee county board says county executive chris abele is the one who started talking about tearing down the domes.but abele's spokesperson says he never advocated for that.a domes task force will meet in the next month to give a clearer picture about the situation. i prayed.. i prayed.. i knew this wasn't the end of my story story an important resource for victims of domestic violence... gone.the reason why it was shut some are afraid there is no where for survivors to turn. drew?
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow
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because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at after nearly three decades of serving survivors of domestic
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family services has lost funding and is shuttered. the place many african-americans depend on is now gone. its a story exclusive to cbs 58. cbs 58's amanda porterfield joins us with the details.. 3 3 the state department of children and families says it decided to stop funding asha family services after financial issues. asha says - they didn't get the help they needed from the state to stay open. 00:12:37 i was hit on the head with poles, had a gun my head several times, forced to have sex when i didn't want to. its abuse she says went on for years. 00:13:56 if i would bring an issue to him, i would either get punched in the face. or he would take me to the basement, put me on my knees and put a gun to my head. in front of my son. i felt like i didn't have a voice. i felt like i didn't have anyone to talk to. 00:14:23 amanda: what did you do? 00:14:30 i prayed and i prayed. i knew that wasn't my life, that wasn't my story.
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says - asha family services gave her that voice. 00:21:49 when i walked into the doors i immediately felt a sense of relief no one was looking at me like 00:19:27 they can relate to us black womenan accessible low key haven in the sherman park area that's recently seen an increase of racial tension. the state decided not to renew its contract with asha- the reason is still up for debate. but the move - snatched hundreds of thousands of dollars away from asha. money they say kept the doors open for nearly 30 forcing it to shut down.antonia drew vann founded . asha.00:20:08 our services consider h relations in milwaukee and the african american community. 00:20:18 now that asha is gone - there arent any other african american domestic violence organizations left in the state. the option her clients have now - is sojourner family peace center.a sprawling facility with a variety of domestic violence services under one roof. an atmosphere vann says is intimidating to some in a time of crisis. 00:20:08i don't think a one stop shop is going to make it
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african american community that's similar to one size fit all services and they don't. carmen pitre -ceo of sojourner says she completely agrees. agrees. 00:39:16 we tried to do this in a way where we werent taking away money from anybody else, because that's not what the works about. different people need different things. 3 antonia vann says - she's not giving up. in fact is asking the non profit community.. surrounding areas and anyone connected to the issue of domestic violence..for a serious financial commitment for the next project. information on how you can give is on our website cbs 58 dot com. preventing child abuse simply by eating out.. out..19:47-59 by being able to help one child, to help knowing that somebody cares for them, is willing to be able to to protect them and we want to be able to do that.
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the community community buffalo wild wings in west allis donating proceeds through kikndercare tonight at a special fundraiser. the fourth year they've done this. some ten thousand dollars given to child abuse programs at children's hospital. 3 3 on the campaign trail -- governor scott walker is praising indiana governor mike pence's performance in last night's v-p debate.walker helped pence prepare... saying he didn't take the bait from democrat tim kaine. kaine.14-24 i think mike pence showed america that he's ready not just president ... to be the president if something awful were to happen to the president, but to be a vice president who will help donald trump actually get things done." walker also said donald trump should follow pence's lead.. and he'll do well in sunday's town-hall style debate with hillary clinton. 3 donald trump junior was in brookfield this morning... campaigning on his father's behalf.nearly 200 people attened the rountable hosted by "women for trump".trump junior discussed job creation and told supporters his father
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of being president. 3 on the democtratic side... former presidential candidate bernie sanders was in madison today campaigning for clinton. he warned the audience about what he considers the dangers of a donald trump victory... and encouraged his former supporters to vote in november. he also made a stop in green bay. 3 the campaign stops continue in wisconsin this week....senator elizabeth warren and former senator russ feingold will campaign in milwaukee on friday.the republican back in the badger state on saturday...and chelsea clinton returns to wisconsin next monday. 3
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fans of prince will only have a limited time to take a tour of his minnesota estate. estate.the chanhassen city council wants to review public safety and traffic concerns before allowing paisley park to operate as museum.for now, tour operators are working with a temporary the tours will be held for just three days -- tomorrow, saturday, and october 14.
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it will close on thanksgiving for the first time.but, the mall is giving its 520-plus stores an option to stay open. black friday shopping has slowly been creeping into the holiday over the years.last year, the mall opened at 6 p-m on thanksgiving day. october is breast cancer awareness month... so now is the time to know your risk and take steps to be healthy. cbs 58 hosted "conversations with komen" today... a phone bank to get all of your questions answered about breast cancer and breast health .experts dr insurance, what to look for in self breast exams and when to get a mammogram. 3 3 "they are going to take two pictures of each breast so they take one picture top to bottom and one picture side to side. the compression lasts for about 10 seconds on each side. so usually women can get through that." that."we've got resources to help you get started on our website.just click on newslinks at cbs 58 dot com. the brewers season is over...
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updates to miller park. the ballpark unveiled plans for changing fans' food and beverage experience.plans include adding 11 concession stands... influenced by milwaukee's rich food traditions. 29:55-05they will experience new offerings... such as mac and cheese, frozen custard, cheese curds, tacos, and a new line of all-natural klements sausages available exclusively at miller park park two new full-service bars will "local" bar offering taps of 30 different wisconsin brewed beer. renovations are expected to be finished by opening day 2017. research shows your fitness tracker may not improve your he. health. scientists activity trackers may boost the number of steps you take, but it probably isn't enough to help drop the pounds.they say people won't necessarily work out more just because the the tracker shows they're not active enough... and the
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why is former badger frank kaminsky sitting in a bathtub full of skittles?the
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damarious randall the only new name on the packers injury report. good news is... he didn't even address it after practice, which means it must not be that big of a deal, especially since he still pr it's all ahead of the packers matchup with odell beckham, jr and the new york giants. the receiver coming off one of his worst games monday night--and his frustration showing. kevin holden though with more on the packers frustrating pass defense. 3 : earl, one big reason for the packers early-season success, very simple. they have stopped the run. number one in the nfl, the packers defense is, against the run in yards per game. in fact the longest run against the pack just 12 yards so far this year. year.: it's definitely an honor to be number one right
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scoring defense, sacking the quarterback, giving up points, it's all about the little 3 things that are going to separate us in houston at the end of the year.kevin: they have defended the run, but the packers have struggled against the pass. 30th in the league in that category. and eli manning and his group of talented receivers present a unique challenge here at lambeau sunday night. night.: they've got a lot o catch the ball and they've got good running backs to catch the ball out of the backfield. and can make big plays. breaking tackles and getting on the run. we just have to make sure we cover them up get in the passing lanes and tackle them.kevin: back to defending the run for a second. we mentioned the packers number one against the run. the giants are number three in the league. so eddie lacy and the giants corps of running backs, they may find tough sledding sunday night. kevin holden, cbs 58 sports. one of the reasons for
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forward from 2016.... the return of domingo santana. santana.the team anticipates him being back next year. the outfielder missing almost two months with an elbow injury. but in his 77 games, he hit .256 with 11 home runs--enough for the brewers to want him on the field in 2017. he's a player that's an example of motivated by the gives us osmething more to think about and makes us have a tougher decision and we have more players to include in our discussion in the
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3 former badger frank kaminsky can now practice basketball while taking a relaxing doing it.a few weeks ago, kaminsky tweeted a photo of him taking a bath with skittles stepped in and made him a special basketball hoop.every time he makes a basket, the hoop dispenses the candy.
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we'll have a lot more on the cbs 58 morning news from 4:30 to 7 a-m
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>> and now late show complete coverage of the vice presidential debate. >> now, as we welcome governor mike pence and senator tim kaine. ( applause ) >> do you not take-- syria i'd like to ask-- >> honestly, senator, honestly, senator. >> it is about our troops. >> i worked when i was in congress on second chance act. ( laughter ) we have got to do a better job. the reality is that there's heartbreak and tragedy that struck american families because people that came into this country illegally are now involved in criminal... >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes


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